Forward | Defenceman

  • FOOTWORK: Inside | Outside edges, Extension, Toe snap, Recovery, One hand/two hand stick placement, Balance, Kneebend, Wide base.
  • SKATING: Forwards | Backwards Quick starts, V-starts, Crossover starts, Transitioning, Piviting, Hockey stops, and Escape curl.
  • PUCK HANDLING: In Tight | Wide, Toe Drag, One handed touch and Zetterberg Fake.
  • SHOOTING: Wrist shot, Snap shot, Slap shot, Backhand shot, One-touch shot, One-timer, Shooting on the move and Fake shot.
  • PASSING: Zip pass, One-touch pass, Slap pass, Sauce pass, Fake pass Drop pass and Skate pass.
  • CHECKING: Anticipate the play, Head up awareness, Play the angle, Drive low, Give a hit and Receive a hit with balance, Protecting yourself and the puck, Free hand push, Active stick, Defensive position, Avoiding contact and Finding space.


  • FOOTWORK: T-Push, Shuffle, Power push, Full butterfly, Half butterfly,  H-butterfly, and Butterfly slide.
  • SKATING: C-Cut, Latteral stride and Forwards | Backwards edge work.
  • SAVE SELECTION: Angles, Tracking pucks, Blocking position, Glove and blocker placement, Post knee up, Rebound control and Puck redirection skills.
  • PUCK-HANDLING: Hip rotation, Playing the puck, Paddle down, Knee down pass, Retrieving pucks, Flat pass, Sauce pass, and Fake pass.