I am offering my services to your organization to coach your players in a number of essential hockey skills. I have a passion for the game, and a reputation for producing results almost instantly.

I have great rapport and credibility with the players and can execute demonstrations of the techniques. I teach like a pro, making corrections on the fly so that only the best playing habits are reinforced. This approach successfully builds players’ confidence in their abilities and will raise the level of their game, ensuring more consistent and higher levels of performance on an ongoing basis.

I believe you’ll find my qualifications and experience to be well-suited to the task at hand, and I’m willing to start working with the hockey organization immediately. As an independent business owner, I can dedicate the necessary time to make sure the team gets the results it needs.

I will set up an entire training program for your players, which will include all the necessary skills to make them excel in their age bracket and at their respected position. (see ‘Skills Taught’).

  • 5-10 Session Training Packages
  • 1 or 1 1⁄2 hours per session

I am typically reimbursed for 50% of each clinics’ fees in advance, with the balance to be paid at the conclusion of each clinic.


As part of this proposed relationship with your team, I would like to have my company, 3D.Hockey, book ice time and request that you provide some type of professional colleague discount if possible.

I would offer this service as an independent contractor.

This would be a fee-based series of clinics I would conduct on your premises for players who show exceptional aptitudes and who are capable of advancing at a faster pace than is usual. It could also include any special-needs players who require individualized coaching to reach their maximum potential.

Ice times which would be most of interest to me are either: A: Mondays and Fridays, 2 – 3 hours of ice time each day, or B: Thursdays and Fridays, 2 – 3 hours of ice time each

I can work on the following specific and necessary skills to help you build a team of winners.

• Good firm grip on stick. Puck on the front part of blade, with blade deception
• Head up!! Look for holes in the net!
• Transfer weight with feet and upper body driving toward the target
• Good extension of stick with follow through
• Hit the net!
• Be selfish in shooting areas
• Always retain your “Want to score!” mind set
• Practice! Practice! Practice! Shoot pucks everyday!!!
• Enjoy and have fun scoring goals


Inside/Outside Edge
• Cross over with lateral movement

Stride & Recovery
• Toe snap: Re-placing the skate blade to be an effective skater

Position & Extension
• Body balance: shoulders square, knee bend, butt low & chin up

Style & Skill
• Who do you skate like?
• Mimic the specific playing style, while having a visual and physical connection of your favorite player

• Hockey quick starts & stops
• Backhanded starts, V-starts & C-Cuts
• Wide Edge/In-tight, wide edge glide
• Transitioning
• Curling with a purpose

Skating with the puck
• Heads up hockey
• Play making ability
• Simple play & Special play


Session 1
• Inside/Outside Edge
• Stride & Recovery
• Position & Extension
• Style & Skill
• Forwards/Backwards

Session 2
Puck Handling
• Skating With The Puck
• Heads Up Hockey
• Play Making Ability
• Simple Play & Special Play

Session 3
Battle & Shooting
• Protecting the Puck
• Being Shifty & Sneaky
• Having Grit & 2nd Effort
• Blade Deception
• Transfer Weight
• Finding The Target
• Good Extension

Session 4 & 5
• Spin/Pivot
• Forward/Backwards
• Escape Plays

Puck Handling
• Fakes
• Wide/In-tight Hands
• Toe Drag & Zetterberg

Shooting to Score
• Faking the Shot
• Picking Corners
• Driving the Lane