“Cory’s knowledge of hockey is excellent. He has the skill for teaching players of all levels and styles. His energy is superior, his skills are extraordinary, and his leadership is powerful.”
Patrick Conte, Niagara University


A three-dimensional coaching style

    • First Dimension: (Fundamentals)
      Strength, Power, Cardiovascular, Speed, Quickness, Technique, Repetition, Tactics.
    • Second Dimension: (Psychology)
      Motivation, Confidence, Emotions, Team Cohesion, Intensity, Focus, Goal Setting, Imagery.
    • Third Dimension: (Heart)
      Identity, Character, Significance, Values, Self-Worth.

Teaching maintenance style

    • Precise on ice demonstration.
    • Loud clear commands.
    • High repetition.
    • Individual player skill environment.
    • Play with pace.
    • Fun oriented competative format.

It’s been said that one coach will impact more people in one year than the average person does in a lifetime.  The “coach” has been validated as the single greatest authoritative figure in the life of today’s adolescent.  Coaches leave a legacy.

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